Q: Why would any person or athlete require something like this?
A: Athletes are required to perform at such intense levels that one small mistake could result in permanent bodily injury.
MINDFX™ keeps you focused at the most critical moments of physical exertion and coordination.

Q: Does this stuff really work?
A: Absolutely! While the results may differ from person to person, natural supplementation can expand your ability to concentrate and relax you when you need it the most.

Q: Is this stuff based on any scientific proof?
A: Yes. All ingredients have been extensively tested in laboratories. Each ingredient has been chosen specifically for the needs of athletes and the unique requirements of competition.

Q: When is the best time to drink MINDFX?
A: We recommend taking MINDFX™ several ways; first thing in the morning (as a coffee replacement), 20 minutes prior to daily workout or sports competition, while studying or taking a school examination, during afternoon to combat fatigue and for increased concentration while playing video games. NOTE: Please follow the recommended dosages listed on the packaging.

Q: What makes MINDFX™ any different from sports energy drinks?
A: MINDFX™ products are NOT intended to duplicate the caffeine rush found in other formulas.  Our message is that MINDFX™ optimizes activities of the brain and central nervous system that are required for intense competition. This is dramatically different from a simple caffeine product such as Energy Drinks that are over caffinated and have a tendency to dehydrate and deplete the body of essential nutrients.

Q: Won’t this give me an unfair advantage? Will some leagues ban the use of supplements?
A: All MINDFX™ ingredients are natural, organic, and WADA Compliant. Since they are 100% natural, non-addictive and non-narcotic, how or why would any league ban them?

Q: Are there any adverse effects when you take it for extended periods of time?
A: MINDFX™ products have been used and tested for a full decade without any adverse effects. All ingredients are natural. No ephedrine, no barbiturates; no adverse affects to your mind or body. If you are taking other prescribed medications, and are concerned, please consult with your physician.

Q: You hear about professional athletes taking drugs and supplements in other sports like baseball and football, then setting records like Mark McGuire … will the same thing happen here?
A: First, these are not drugs! They are nutritional and herbal supplements with vitamins and electrolytes. They will support your ability to concentrate, focus your talents and expand the use of your brain. These supplements can be equally effective in your everyday life at work, school, or anywhere your mind is required to function at maximum efficiency.