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Winning Starts In The Mind!


MINDFX delivers mental focus

MINDFX has exceeded my expectations. It has given me the mental focus needed to balance today's fast pace of work, family, and fitness. - Happy Amazon Customer


Our Formulas



This formula is designed for those that require increased mental focus and alertness but are not preparing for a physically demanding day.
Performance Pro


Our Performance Pro formula is a complete athletic supplement designed to optimize any athletes physical and mental potential. Works great as a pre-workout.


Aldon Baker, trainer to the stars, endorses MindFX, so the MXA wrecking crew gave it a try. The result? We had an increased amount of energy that was noticeable for over an hour (the length of time varied depending on the person). We didn’t get headaches or have the typical energy-drink-crash sensation.

There are a number of protein, hydration, and concentration supplements offered to motocross riders, and some seem more helpful than others. With natural elements and a noticeable effect, MindFX has earned a place in both our gear bags and camera bags.
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